• Art Services offered by ART STRATEGIES.

    Relevant information:

    We focus our business activities on Post War Art and Contemporay Fine Art to avoid complicated procedures and sometimes uncleared issues.
    But, we are of course experienced to manage difficult tasks my making them transparent and free of doubt. The older the art work, the more pretentious might be the process of art transactions.

    • Art Loss Register – Provenance Research
    • Art Auctions – how to work with Auction Houses
    • Art Appraisals – we protect your Investments or Sales
    • Art Dealer – who to involve for Sales and Purchases
    • Art Fairs – where to be, where to exhibit, whom to meet
    • Catalogue of works – we orchestrate your catalogue raisonne´
    • Collecting Art – how to build up a Fortune
    • Collectors – International Buyers and their Strategies
    • Contractural arrangements – owner <> seller <> mandator <> notary
    • Escrow Services – Dealing Art in Europe
    • Editions and Multiples - Production and Placements
    • Evidence of ownership - Proof of Ownership and third-party rights
    • Exhibition Services – Consulting your Art Shows and Presentations
    • Experts in Art – to achieve professional Consulting / finding Top Curators
    • Fonds & Trading – insides in a complicated System of Art Business
    • Galleries – how to generate optimal Partners and Advisers
    • Insurances – Market Leader and their Insurance Policies and Politics
    • International and domestic Art Transport - Procedures and Prices
    • Leasing Art – how to manage and how to handle it
    • Legal Advice – tailormade for your Demands
    • Market monitoring – recognizing trends – realizing opportunities
    • Museums – how are they working – how to be connected
    • Networking – Generating personal Contacts inside Art business
    • Notarial transactions - Process, Consulting and Support
    • Picture Frame – Quality and Quantity types
    • Restorations – we offer you trusting and professional Partners
    • Storages – the best Warehouses and Deposits for you
    • Tax Advice - Importing / Exporting Fine Art in Europe
    • Verification of Authenticity – Investigations and Documentations