• An artist today needs the energy and the skills you would expect from a general manager.

    Focussed on the personalities:

    Finding the artists´ personal and market positioning.
    Defining the strategical and operating goals to achieve.
    Establishing a longterm, self-monitored process of career planning.

  • Where will be your position in the art olymp after 15 years of hard work on your works?

    Focussed on the works:

    Giving all support for an excellent work “climate” Coaching the artists on their way to an unique output becoming better every day is the message Drawing attention to the work and artistic self-percection

  • Each relevant artist automatically will be scanned and screened by international art market insiders.

    Focussed on the market:

    The international art market is orchestrated by about 500 to 800 important artists, auction houses, bank houses, collectors, curators, directors, fairs, galerists, journalists and a growing number of international brands plus marketing and media companies.

    It is vital to build up a network of mentors and supporters, who give credits because of the artist´s credibility.

Artist Management