• We help you finding needles in a haystack.

    ART-FOR-INVESTORS — professional and reliable investments in art.

    Step One: We analyze the clients´ needs and rational and emotional expectations.

    Step Two: We identify and offer fundamentally attractive artworks with our own scoring system.

    Step Three: We transform free liquidity into short term profit or longterm increase in value.

    We do this considering legal aspects, taxes, inheritance, security etc. - permanently monitoring the art markets.

  • We don´t trust in plain statistics - we believe in market insight and active management.

    Sustainable art consulting requires active management provided by professional marketing tools:  

    We only buy and sell artworks with a proven and / or promising market performance.

    We select upcoming artists, whose work is evaluated by a well defined scoring model.

    We are coaching artists systematically to developed and strengthen their talents.  

    Target: to optimize the client´s investment in an ongoing process.




  • It is an honor to sell famous works of art. It is sad, that so many mandats are fraught with problems.

    Dealing with art is a risky and very complicated business.

    Problems often arise by the greed of unprofessional dealers or sellers and unrealistic pricing. Documents like certification of authenticity and proof of ownership must be credible and complete. Art forgery always did exist – today it is an industry, which is difficult to unmask.


    We are focussing on Post War artworks with a straight and complete provenience.  

    Our clients can expect transparent and experienced transactions.


Art For Investors